Please Read the following agreement before submitting payment.

Transformation Credit Repair will review your credit reports, conduct a credit assessment and verify with you which items need to be challenged or changed.

Once the credit assessment is complete and you (the client) agrees with the strategy and the items to be challenged, please pay the one-time document processing of $200 to being the credit repair process. (Or promotional fee if applicable)(document processing fee is non-refundable)

Transformation Credit Repair will work on your credit repair process for a total of 90-days (from the date first letters are mailed). The Service includes postage for all letters within the 90 days.


No two credit reports are the same, therefore, we cannot guarantee a specific number that your score will increase. On average, most clients who follow the process, see a minimum increase of 40 points in a 90-day period. Many clients have seen as much as 100+ increase. Trust the process, and know we work diligently and tirelessly to challenge, change and correct all incorrect and/or questionable items.

Rest assured, all paperwork and personal information shall be held confidentially as stated in the Privacy Act and Consumer Credit Protection Act.

Transformation Credit Repair is committed to having 100% satisfied customers and will always ensure we uphold the greatest integrity and customer satisfaction. If for any reason you feel we did not meet our stated obligation, let us know so that we can rectify the issue quickly, correctly and completely.


No Cost Credit Consultation and Credit Assessment $0

CREDIT REPAIR SERVICES (document processing) FEE $200


1. Free one on one phone consultation scheduled to your convenience. 30min Q and A

2. We will go over each item that is reporting negatively (unlimited number of accounts) collections, medical bills, hard inquiries that you did not receive new credit for, and late payments.

3. We will begin the credit repair process based on the accounts we agreed on. We dispute 5 accounts every 30 days. We do all the work for you.

4. Guideline to building and maintaining positive credit. Guideline to establishing trade lines. Home loan and/or auto loan referrals.

5.  Join our Facebook group. You can ask questions, network with like-minded individuals and stay update with credit building strategies. Credit Transformation 800 Score Club



1. Client must maintain active credit monitoring account with, for the duration of the 90 day credit repair process.  The Client must provide us with your log in information (username and password) for 

2. Upload a photocopy of your state issued identification to our email

3. Upload your social security card to our email

4. Upload most current utility bill (not cell phone bill) to our email


Throughout the process you can contact your assigned personal consultant with any questions or if you get any correspondence.

You are responsible for submitting your assigned consultant any correspondences you receive from the creditors or credit bureaus within 3 business days to our email address or by U.S. mail. It may not take 90 days, but our fee includes up to 90 days of service to you! There is no guarantee in credit repair. There will be no refunds once the work begins. DIY Kits and letter templates are non refundable. 

Contact: 1- 888-398-3662 for availability and pricing or go to our Website



1. All correspondence you receive from Creditors or the Credit Bureaus needs to be forwarded to us via U.S. mail or email to within 3 Business Days. If you do not provide this info- it could possibly hinder our ability to successfully complete the process.

2. Pay all current Credit-affecting obligations on time, during the process and beyond.

3. Please do not apply for any NEW credit or credit line increases during this process. (Unless we advise.)


Only pay for service once you have read, understand and agree to the above process and agreement between you and Transformation Credit Repair,Llc. Let’s get started on your CREDIT TRANSFORMATION Journey!

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