Files And Templates Explained

All letters should be sent Certified. Why? Paper trail in case you have to file a complaint with Better
Business Bureau or CFPB or sue. No paper trail, no proof
Debt Validation Letter
Personal Info Update Letter
609 Dispute Letter

First letter that should be sent to each collection agency asking them to Validate (not verify) each collection debt that was placed on your report. If they cannot validate the debt within 30 days they must remove it.

Letter sent to each Credit Bureau to update personal information. Delete incorrect address, phone number, correct misspellings, ect.

Dispute Charge Offs, Closed accounts, Derogatory marks, Child support, Dispute errors, inaccuracies, etc.
Send to each Credit Bureau

HIPPA Validation Letter
Inquiry Removal Letter
Good Will Letter

Dispute Medical Bills. Sent to Collection Agency


Dispute hard inquiries. Goes to Credit Bureau or Collection Agency.

Remove Late Payments. Send to Collection agencies.


Pay for Delete Letter
Method of Verification Letter

To settle account without paying in full. Goes to Collection Agency

Ask the Credit Bureau to provide documented proof of the information they used to verify that the account was accurate.

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