Transformation Credit Repair is a community focused organization whose goal is to promote financialliteracy and to break the generational curse of “Bad Credit”.

Transformation Credit Repair is committed to implementing a strategy of attack and applying effective follow up techniques to increase your credit score and transformyour life.


We offer complete and professional DIY dispute letters for all of your credit repair needs. 

Now offering Complete Credit Restoration!

We do all the work for you!


Transformation Credit Repair will work on your credit repair process for a total of 90-days.

Credit Transformation Bundle

$25 DIY Credit Transformation Bundle

Is an easy and complete credit makeover for a fraction of the price.

The Credit Transformation Bundle is 1 File that has 15 letter templates for all your credit repair needs. The Bundle comes with complete instructions on How and When to dispute.

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Request A Free Credit Report

A credit report is a detailed summary of an individual's credit history, prepared by a credit bureau. Sign up for CreditKarma.com and Experian.com. 

Visit annualcreditreport.com to obtain a free credit report. The three major credit bureas- Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion are each required to provide consumers with one free report each year. 

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